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Season 2019 - no reception, but still amazing

Hou Beach Camping has gone through big changes for the season of 2019. The campsite now has 60 camping plots (previously, it had 180) – and we do not have camping cabins at our disposal anymore. Thus, it is only possible to camp here with your own caravan, camper van, or tent.

This means, on the other hand, that the camping plots available are in great demand – and so are our newly built and modern facilities. No matter how big or small the plot is, the cosiness and peace at the campsite are still intact. With nature and the beautiful beach as your closest neighbours, as well as the great variety of beautiful attractions of Eastern Jutland just a short drive away, Hou Beach Camping is still one of the most popular and well-located campsites in Denmark.

The campsite is now unstaffed – what does that mean? It means that we neither have a reception nor a store. The campsite will be under supervision on a daily basis, and of course, the high cleaning standard in our new and beautiful service cleaning still remains. For further information, please visit our Facebook page.

You can make a reservation by sending an email to  – or you can use our very simple online booking service on this website. You can also make your reservation upon your arrival at the campsite by using our “self-service check-in” terminal, which is located at the service building. When the season opening is coming up, you can find more information about the “self-service check-in” on this page.

Opening hours

In 2020, the campsite is open from 28th March to 27th September.

Weather forecast

Clear sky
Min: 5°C
Max: 9°C
SSW 1 m/s



Useful information

  • NB: We do not have a reception or a store!

If you have already made a reservation from home prior to your arrival via our online booking service on our website, you must check in at our self-service check-in terminal upon your arrival. The terminal is situated at the arrival at the campsite. Here you must enter your customer number and your booking number. Then you receive a confirmation with a code, which you must use at the campsite gate. This code also serves as a password to get access to the service building. If you also typed in the registration number of your car when making your online booking, the gate will automatically open during your entire booking period. In case you did not type in your registration number, you must use the code which is printed.

If you have not made a reservation in advance on our website, you can easily check in at our self-service check-in terminal. (A guide and more information will be available later).

Check-in must be made from 13:00 to 22:00 o’clock on the day of arrival.


Check-out is automatically made at 12:00 o’clock whereupon passwords are reset.

If you have made your reservation from home via our website, and you typed in the registration number of your car, you can drive directly to the campsite gate. The gate will make a scan your car, it opens, and you are now checked in. If you have not typed in your registration number, a code will appear on your booking confirmation. You must type the code to make the gate open. Thus, you are automatically checked in. Please note that you must use the same code as a password to access our service buildings.

In case you have not made a reservation in advance on our website, you can easily make a reservation on our “self-service check-in” terminal. You will find the terminal upon your arrival at the campsite. (More information and guidance will follow later).

You must check in from 13:00 to 22:00 o’clock on the day of arrival.

Settlement of accounts and time of departure
Check-out and departure must be made no later than 12.00 o’clock on the day of departure.

Check-out is automatically made at 12:00 o’clock whereupon passwords are reset. 

When making a reservation, you pay a deposit of DKK 500, at the latest 1 week after making your reservation. This amount serves as an administration fee and will not be refunded if you have to cancel your reservation later. If you cancel your reservation more than 30 days prior to your arrival, the full amount will be refunded, except for the administration fee of DKK 500. If you cancel your reservation between 14 and 30 days prior to your arrival, half of the amount will be refunded, except for the administration fee of DKK 500. If you cancel your reservation less than 8 days prior to your arrival, no refund is issued.

Camping passport
Camping passport is not required.

Dogs are welcome but must be on a leash – also at your caravan. Dogs must be walked outside the campsite (not on the playing field).
Dog poop bags are available  – so please clean up after your dog.

Waste must be sorted and deposited in the correct containers. Please use the bottle container and deposit paperboard and cardboard in the cardboard recycling container.

NB! The waste site is for general household waste only – any other bulky waste MUST be deposited at the Odder recycling depot.

Waste water: Must always be emptied in the chemical toilet. Direct discharge into the ground is forbidden.

High-quality WIFI is available at the campsite. WIFI is free.

The service building
The service building is open round the clock. The family rooms are intended for families of min. 2 persons.
Playing in the service building is forbidden. Smoking is NOT allowed in any of the buildings, including the barbecue cabin. Please leave the shared facilities in the same condition as you would expect to find them.

Washing machine and tumble dryer: Price: DKK 40 per wash/tumble. Buy a code for the washing machine and tumble dryer can be purchased via our self-service check-in terminal.

Fire safety – for everyone’s safety!
The distance between the caravans/tents MUST be at least 3 metres. Thus, they may not be set up closer to the neighbouring boundaries/number signs than 1.5 m. This also applies to storage tents, annexes, and windscreens.

Please check the distance carefully before your set-up. The campsite manager must ask you to leave if you do not meet the standard distance.

Car parking
Only one car is allowed per unit at the campsite. Driving at the campsite should be limited to a minimum and is not allowed between 23.00 – 7.00 o’clock. Driving must be at a very low speed, max. 10 km/h.

The campsite gate
The campsite gate is open from 7.00 – 23.00 o’clock every day, beyond this time span car driving is not allowed at the campsite.

Visitors/guests are more than welcome. However, it is your responsibility as a camper to make sure that they follow the campsite rules. If your guests arrive in a car, they must use the guest parking area outside the campsite.
Visitors/guests must leave the campsite no later than 23.00 o’clock.

Video surveillance
Please note that the campsite uses video surveillance.

Ball games
All ball games must be played on the playing field.

Be considerate: Treat your neighbours as you would wish to be treated – avoid noise. Please turn down your radio and TV. The night’s rest must be respected between 23:00 and 07.00 o’clock.

Emergency telephone number
Outside the opening hours, the campsite manager can be contacted on the following emergency telephone number: +45 2878 1040